30 Day Relationship Challenge

The 30 Day Relationship Challenge

If you're feeling stuck in a relationship rut, a little extra novelty may be just what you and your significant other need. This 30 day relationship challenge is designed to help increase the sweet and sexy parts in your relationship by doing at least one specific romantic thing, together or for each other, every day for the span of a month.

This challenge is great for any type of relationship, whether you've been together for years or just want to ramp up the romance. You don't have to do the list in order or wait until the beginning of the month to begin — get started doing this sweet stuff now!

Day 1: Scout out a scenic location, and watch the sunset or sunrise together.

Day 2: Make a list of the reasons you love them, and share it. Or make a list of your favorite traits of your partner and share it with them.

Day 3: Challenge each other to a board or card game.

Day 4: Give each other massages. Sensual and regular!

Day 5: Stay up late talking. Really catch up and check in with each other.

Day 6: Model new clothes or lingerie for each other.

Day 7: Experiment in the kitchen, and cook up something new. Challenge each other by whipping up a meal with what you can find already in the pantry.

Day 8: Make a playlist for each other. Pick songs that mean something to you.

Day 9: Go see a concert, show, or a play together.

Day 10: Do one spontaneous thing for the other — either in the bedroom or elsewhere.

Day 11: Rent a hotel room to get away from your regular routine for a night. If you want to save cash, camp out on your living room floor or under the stars in your backyard instead.

Day 12: Get it on in a place you've never done it before, even if it's just a different room in the house.

Day 13: Have a couples date with friends. Or have a picnic for dinner, if it's bad weather just setup your blanket indoors.

Day 14: Go for a walk, a hike, do yoga, or work out with each other.

Day 15: Take turns photographing each other.

Day 16: Make time for morning sex. Kiss in the morning and at night.

Day 17: Wander the local bookstore or library for new favorite reads.

Day 18: Pick a small home improvement project like making a photo album, reorganizing a bookshelf, or a Pinterest project.

Day 19: Go out somewhere, and show a little PDA. Hold hands while walking around town together or even at home just chilling.

Day 20: Cuddle up on the couch, and watch a romantic film, TV show...read a book...or listen to an audiobook together.

Day 21: Send each other compliments throughout the day...or leave a sweet, sexy, or romantic note somewhere they will find it.

Day 22: Dress up, and have a fancy date night.

Day 23: Spend a day giving back to the community together. Find a local non-profit to volunteer at for the day. Giving is living.

Day 24: Take a scenic road trip, and sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. Or just drive 30 minutes away from your home on a scenic route and explore a new side of town.

Day 25: Take a bubble bath or shower together. Light candles for extra romance around the house.

Day 26: Sign up for a class together, or learn something new together. Try at your local library or community event calendar...or try just look up some free courses online in something you both are interested in.

Day 27:Turn on some slow music, and dance. If you want to be really classy look up some Miles Davis!

Day 28: Talk about trying something new in the bedroom.

Day 29: Rearrange a room in your house. Change up the furniture, make or buy something to add to the decor, or upcycle something with each other.

Day 30: Celebrate an accomplishment from the week, together, no matter how small.


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