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Noah Parker

I am originally from a technology support background which taught me a great deal of patience and I became an amazing listener for solving problems.

I’ve also studied marketing while working with several different online businesses. I enjoy diving into the psychology of people’s emotions when they make all sorts of decisions in work, play, life, and love.

Having witnessed many close friends and family struggle with communication in their own relationships, it made me want to develop a platform for helping people in their love lives.

After taking many courses on relationships and studying numerous coaches, I began to help people in their communication with their partners and identify the root issues going on in their relationships.

If you are wanting to find love for yourself, I’d love to help you no matter what.

Vivian Parker

I want to share a bit about myself with you.

I studied psychology and philosophy at university and gained my bachelor's degree in 2012.

During the course of my study, I found that relationship psychology was incredibly interesting to me.

It was at that time that I knew I wanted to help people find their other half.

I spent the first few years of University speaking to people and finding out what their NEEDS were in a relationship.

With that integrated knowledge, I began to help people fix their relationships, make better use of their time with their partner, and even to FIND that special someone to begin with!

If you find that you are struggling I'd love to help you in any way that I can 🙂

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