Winning His Love and Respect

His Love and Respect

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” - Plato

Desire, emotion, and knowledge. All three are integral and powerful tools for understanding the human mind. Especially when it comes to his love and respect in relationships. I want to show you how to use each of these three main sources for your benefit and the sake of your love life.

Was there ever a case in which a guy tried really hard to get your attention?

Maybe he did everything right. Everything he possibly could for you. But you just couldn’t feel anything?

Perhaps you even knew, logically, that he was a good guy. That he had many of the qualities you wanted from a relationship partner. But no matter how hard you tried, it just didn’t click?

This is what we call emotion; or in this case, the lack thereof.

The guy appealed to the logical part of your brain. You knew he was good, and dateable. But none of that mattered. Because EMOTION TRUMPS LOGIC EVERY TIME.

When it comes to relationships, emotions reign supreme. When our emotions shift one way or the other, everything changes. If you want a guy to interact with you, and furthermore, if you want to hold his interest long term, then it is crucial that you understand this concept. You need to learn to play off of emotions. To ramp up his desire for you to the point where he feels a continuous flow of attraction and good feelings toward you. A whirlwind of his love and respect.

What’s the good news? This is entirely plausible.

Take the time to understand the concepts within. You will see some major changes in your relationships.You will set yourself apart from all of the other women out there trying to get your man’s attention.

To get started, there are 3 key concepts you need to grasp...

Key Concept #1 - Emotions will overpower logic every time

I’m going to tell a story about a friend of mine. I think it will help you understand the power of emotion. This story will help to show that when you play into the emotional side of a man’s brain. That he will go to great lengths to make you happy.

Even so far as to overlook your weak spots and flaws. He will love and respect you to the end of the earth and back.

One of my good friends, Jake, was never very interested in girls. He had many hobbies and stayed so busy that a relationship was just out of the question. Sure, he dated here and there, but nothing even close to serious.

That all changed when he met Emily. Jake spent all of his time with her, eventually dropping off his other interests and becoming so wrapped up in her and their relationship.

The strange thing is...he never brought her around to meet his friends. I think this is because he knew that Emily was bad for him. And he was ashamed for us to see the toll she had taken on him. But nonetheless, he was obsessed with her.

Emily was a cheater. She used Jake for his money, his car, and a place to live. Friends and family took notice, but the old adage is true; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Each time he found out that she was, again, cheating on him, an explosion of emotion followed. Sadness, loneliness, and most of all FEAR.

Time and time again, they would end their relationship due to Emily’s mistreatment of Jake. But it never lasted more than a couple of days. Jake would give up, and decide that having her around. No matter how much she hurt him. It was better than giving her up. To face the fears he had about being alone. Jake was in deep.

No amount of logic would talk him out of his bad situation. Once again, it was emotion pulling the strings.

Of course, this is a severe example. But the point remains; when you win a man’s emotions, you win his love and respect.

Key Concept #2 - You need to spark those AMAZING feelings in him

Remind yourself of a time when a relationship partner hurt you. Maybe he lied to you, used you, or never really shared in your emotions. The thought of it surely causes your body to tense up. You are suddenly flooded with feelings of suffering, dislike, hurt, and loathing.

This is the spark for NEGATIVE feelings. And you never want to feel that way again, no one does.

Now, let’s do the opposite: Think of a time when you had butterflies in your stomach every time you were around a certain someone. He made you feel so amazing that you couldn’t keep the smile off your face.The person who ignites these feelings inside you has become a spring of pleasure and POSITIVE feelings.

I hope to help you untangle these two complex sets of emotions, both negative and positive. In doing this, you will learn how to become a fountain of pleasurable feelings for that special guy.

Key Concept #3 - Favors only go so far

In this last key concept we are going to return to the logic vs. emotion debate and explore it a little further. How many times have you went out of your way to impress a guy? Appealing only to the logical side of his brain? Maybe you did your best to be there for him when he needed someone to talk to? Maybe you ran errands for him, even cooked and cleaned? All in the hopes that he would notice how much of a good catch you were.

Does this describe you at all? If so, you made a mistake. You were speaking only to the rational side of his brain while ignoring the more prominent emotional side.

When it comes to attraction and making a guy yearn for you, logic and rationality go out the window. You are going against the grain when you do things that appeal only to the logical part of his brain. That victory can only be won with emotion.

The “Attraction Treadmill” and how it works

Men are often drawn to women based on their looks and initial attraction BUT those feelings fade quickly. After a while, you might notice the same guy who used to shower his attractive woman with gifts and favors has now started to lose interest in her. In short order his eyes will start to wander.

And his current woman, no longer the beautiful goddess she once was to him, may start to seem normal or even plain.

His love and respect is gone.

But why?

Let’s call this the “Attraction Treadmill”, which in simple terms means that when a guy stays with a woman for a few months, her appearance won’t be enough to please him like it did in the initial infatuation stage of the relationship.

This is hard news to bear, but it’s entirely true. Any woman, no matter how beautiful, has the same chances of being lied to, cheated on, and discarded.

If she wants to keep her guy, she will need to put her brain to good use, and utilize that oh-so-powerful tool: Emotion.

Understand this helps move your relationship past the initial infatuation phase, to a deeper and truer love.

When you understand exactly how to spark his emotions, and ramp them up, his attraction and passion for you will grow exponentially in time.

You’ll even see your relationship improving day by day and win his love and respect.

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